I started assisting my dad detailing cars in the late 1980’s on vehicles he bought and sold from his BP service station in Belgravia road, Athlone. (now the site of Allies Wheels)

At that time, I was a Hot Rod Magazine fan, which exposed me to the American detailing scene and product brands such as Meguiars. So when Meguiars first came to market in 2001, I immediately recognised it and started buying up every product to try!

A significant experience in the 80s was that often we would sell a car back to the previous owner because of the dramatic turnaround we would achieve after cleaning and polishing it. This legacy carries on today, where clients bring in their car intending to sell it, and with the turnaround we achieve, they decide to keep it!

In 2005 I was an IT training consultant at BP. The project manager called me in one day and informed me that I was assigned to training BP’s car wash network. Apparently, in one of the training sessions I gave, I spoke about proper car cleaning/detailing and how it was hard to find … It was this experience that opened my eyes to the market and what I had to offer.

In 2006, I officially started a car wash at my dad’s Total service station behind the Ottery Pick n Pay. I knew when I started the business I wanted to detail and not just wash cars. We started the business exclusively using Meguiars, making us the first Meguiars detail center in Cape Town.

The inspiration for our name, Protouch Car Care, came from Pro from the word professional and Touch from Meguiar’s professional quick detailer product, Last Touch.

From 2014 to current day, I have been exclusively focused on detailed cleaning, polishing, ceramic coating as well as restoration / reconditioning projects for clients.